2012 Township Budget Outlook

2012 Township Budget Outlook

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Since this story aired, the Township Board passed the 2012 Budget at their last meeting on October 18th.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The weak economy at the national and local levels continues to be reflected in declining property tax revenues in the township. However, the township board manager Gerald Richard says they approached in a different way to support the community.

"Because of the efficiency and because our staff and our management have found ways creatively to continue to do the same level of service," said Richard.

One of the items that received the most attention by public comments and board discussion is the central fire station closing or relocating. The fire station is more than 50 years old and board members say the building needs a significant amount of repair. However, not everyone agrees with him.

Okemos resident Georgia Carpenter said, "it's extra safety for me and for my neighborhood and the firemen are very helpful in many ways.. I just really like it having close by."

Besides the central fire station, Richards says no major changes are made for 2012 budget.

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