Haslett Football Faces Hornets

Haslett Football Faces Hornets

HASLETT - It's midway through October, and things are starting to heat up for local high school football teams as they prepare for playoffs.

The Haslett Vikings (4-4) went into battle Friday (Oct. 17), as they played the Williamston Hornets (6-2), which led to a rainy showdown in Viking Country where Haslett escaped with a 43-23 victory.

With Williamston coming into the game with the better record, Haslett's strong offense and defense throughout the game proved to be too much for the Hornets which led to the Haslett victory.

Ezzo Luke started off the scoring for the Vikings in the first quarter with a field goal, putting Haslett up 3-0. Williamston started making it's way down the field, but with the strong defense from Haslett, the vikings were able to end a quick offensive possession for the Hornets. Haslett marching down the field with ease, Lee Mott capitalized for Haslett with a touchdown catch from quarterback Jake Tahaney.

At half, Haslett held a 22-0 lead over the Hornets. Williamston kicked off the second half to the Vikings. On their first play of the second half, Haslett's quarterback Jake Tahaney makes a HUGE throw to Lee Mott where he runs into the endzone untouched making it a 29-0 lead for Haslett,

With the quick touchdown fresh in the air, Williamston needed to make a run at getting some points on the board. The Hornets make a huge run down the field pushing their way towards the endzone. Williamston gets on the board early in the third quarter with a nice throw from Chaz Moore to Brady Bastien, making it a 29-7 game.

In the end, the Vikings offense and defense was too strong for the Hornets, and lead to an 43-23 win for Haslett.

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