Golf Fest Fundraiser

Golf Fest Fundraiser

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Golfers and golf enthusiasts had the chance to enjoy the sport this weekend while giving back to the community.

The Meridian Sun Golf Club hosted Meridian Townships Community Resource Commission's Golf Fest Fundraiser. The events purpose was to raise money for the Community Resource Fund which helps aid township residents during times of grave financial stress and need.

Using donations and the money raised from the Golf Fest Fundraiser, Community Resource Commission Volunteers such as Commission Chair Suzanne Brouse are able to work with Meridian Township Human Resources Specialist, Darla Jackson to help residents through financial hardships using funds from the Community Resource Program.

"There is a pocket of people in Meridian Township that are in great need and we have found that the need is arising." Brouse says. "We just need to get some funds for those people."

Others like Meridian Sun Golf Club owner Bill Mory are just happy to help give back to the community.

"You know we're a very family oriented course" Mory began. "And we want to give to those families that are in need. Anything that we can do to help support the township and help support families in the community, we want to be a part of that."

This year's Golf Fest was a success, raising around $4,500 to be put into the Community Resource Fund. Meridian Township Human Resources Specialist, Darla Jackson is available to speak with residents suffering through financial hardships including money for rent, utilities, medications and other such needs. She can be reached by calling 517.853.4204 or by email at

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