Bicyclists Take A Silent Ride

Bicyclists Take A Silent Ride

EAST LANSING - Riding bicycles is a popular activity in the Lansing area, but dangers of being an cyclist do exist.

As of 2012 more than 700 bicyclists were killed.

To honor those lost or injured a world-wide organization has shaped up and prepared to roll through East Lansing during its global trip with the annual "Ride of Silence" event.

"This ride is special, I try to make it out every year having been hit myself and knowing other people who have been hit and some people who have obviously been killed as well. So it's important for us to get out and to be with the public and let them know that we need to share the road and it's important especially to the people who have lost their loved ones," said Ross Hill, Bicycle Enthusiast.

Bicyclists took part in the slow-paced silent ride on May 21st from Well's Hall on Michigan State University's campus to the State Capitol with a police escort.

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