Haslett Beautification Association Receives Mini-Grant from EDC

Haslett Beautification Association 
Receives Mini-Grant from EDC

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Haslett Beautification Association is receiving a $1,000 grant from the local Economic Development Corporation, also known as the EDC.

The purpose of this grant is to address place making in Haslett.

The Economic Development Corporation wrote a request for proposals and two proposals came back: one from the Haslett Beautification Association and the other from a local church.

The EDC chose to give the mini-grant to the HBA.

"Their place making idea that the EDC is going to fund is pretty simple, it's just a place of respite along Haslett road near the town shopping center so there will be a couple of benches," said Meridian Township Associate Planner, Peter Menser.

Next week, the EDC staff will be working with the President of the Haslett Beautification Association to work out the logistics so members can begin the project.

The EDC hopes to do this again for different areas in Meridian Township.

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