MSU Construction Projects

MSU Construction Projects

UPDATE: EAST LANSING, MI - As the weather warms, the Spring season means construction is about to begin at Michigan State University.

"The last 5-6 years I'd say it's been our largest construction program in many many years," said MSU's Engineering and Architectural Services Director Dan Bollman. "This university has been around you know for over 150 years and some of the utilities roads, infrastructure, things like that just get old and worn out."

Morill Hall, the first women's dormitory at MSU will soon be demolished, costing only a little under $1 million.
"We very rarely take down buildings on MSU's campus but in this case, the building is an old wood structure, it's safe to be in, but it really would have been cost prohibitive to try to keep," said Bollman.

Another project about to start is the $60 million Bio-engineering building, located in south campus next to the Clinical Center and the Life Sciences building. The four store building will have two floors built for laboratories with the other two being shelled for future use.

"Spartan stadium is going to have an addition on the north end, which is going to create locker room space, more restrooms, large recruiting area and a large media center," said Bollman.

Other construction plans involve uprgrading dining areas in Akers and Landon Hall while Butterfield will be down for upgrades during the next year.

"The construction, although it's disruptive to folks on campus, it's all a part of keeping MSU alive and moving forward," said Bollman.

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