Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance Rates

UPDATE: LANSING - Here in Michigan we have some of the highest car insurance rates in the country


“I think it might be a little ridiculous,”

 said Austin Meyer, one of the many unhappy no-fault auto insurance customers that think they are paying too much

"Our average premium here in Michigan is $1,072, that’s eighth highest in the country, which is pretty good considering we have the highest benefits," says 
Lori Conarton, Communications Director for the Insurance Institute of Michigan explains why we're paying more than other states

"If you’re injured in an auto accident your treatment for any medical injuries would be paid for for your lifetime with no cap. In other states there’s a cap on medical, or medical is optional."

Governor Synder has addressed this problem in his State of the State Address saying "We far exceed every other state in how expensive our claims are"

"With the governor’s support, we’re hoping to provide some reforms to allow consumers not that high mandate of unlimited medical that they have now, but to choose something lower than that for their medical benefit," said Lori Conarton. 

"It’s a system that takes care of us pretty well, however, um my rates can go up, my rates can go down, and sometimes they’re just a little bit expensive and I’m always left to make a decision about how much coverage I’m going to need and what my deductibles are going to be"
," said Michigan Driver Phil Rugh.

It's not certain when this plan is set to launch, but when it does, we'll see lower numbers on our monthly auto insurance bills.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Snyder's auto insurance reform may save you money. Watch Meridian Magazine for details.

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