Thousands Gather to Protest Right-To-Work Bill

Thousands Gather to Protest Right-To-Work Bill

UPDATE: LANSING - Amid intense protests at the Capitol today, Michigan Legislature approves the right-to-work bill.

The bill would ban unions from demanding dues from workers. So a nonunion employee would not be required to financially support the union at their workplace.

The bill passed despite warnings from Democratic lawmakers and challenge from thousands of union supporters. Demonstrators gathered in the early hours to begin protesting and streets were closed down around the Capitol at 6 a.m..

So far, some have had to be hospitalized, including one from a horse that was backed in to the crowd by a law enforcement officer to get protestors to back away from Capitol windows.

The Senate approved the bill last week and the House followed today. Governor Snyder says he will sign them in to law as early as Wednesday.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Tune in to Meridian Magazine for more from today's rally and how the right-to-work bill will impact Michigan.

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