Seasonal Stores

Seasonal Stores

UPDATE: LANSING - Autumn doesn't just mean the beginning of football season but a better outlook in job opportunities.

Seasonal stores are popping up all over as back to back holidays are upon us. Halloween costume shops and retailers with holiday themed goods are looking to hire temporary help.

Temporary positions in the retail industry can be risky but beneficial to the employers. Quickly hiring large numbers of employees can be time consuming but necessary.

Though a temporary job has a set ending date, a seasonal position can be a good first step in finding a part time or full time job. It is a resume builder and a way to get your foot in the door in the retail industry.

Major retailers like Macy's and Michael's are also looking for seasonal positions in anticipation of the holiday season. For more information on available jobs, you can contact the store's website or visit

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - Holidays are just around the corner and with them they are bringing more employment opportunities.

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