Adam Nevells Memorial Game

Adam Nevells Memorial Game

UPDATE: OKEMOS - The Okemos High School Swimming Pool was full of water polo alumni.

Past players came back home to play a game with current water polo members in the 2nd annual Adam Nevells Memorial Game.

Adam was a senior at Okemos High School when he died in a car accident three years ago.

Adam's dad, Mike, says that the community has been a huge support for him and his family since the accident.

"Very shortly after the accident, we realized that we've lost Adam, but he was such a vibrant spirit, he did everything, water polo, wrestling, band, scouts, church, TV studio, and we wanted that spirit to stay alive" said Mike.

A memorial fund was set up in Adam's honor after his death. All proceeds from this event will go toward providing scholarships and grants for those activities that Adam was involved in.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Okemos High School is welcoming back some former water polo members. Find out why on the next Meridian Magazine.

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