Dale Hausermann Retirement

Dale Hausermann Retirement

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As of August 3 Dale Hausermann served as police officer of Meridian Township for 25 years.

Before police work, he worked as a security guard and it was that work that got him interested in police work.

In Meridian Township he was named Officer of the Year in 1992 and 2007. He said the most rewarding thing is training new people as a field training officer.

Hausermann has worked as an undercover officer. He has been a firearms, taser and paton instructor. He also has served on the accident investigation team during his time at Meridian.

With success stories and helping the community, there are sacrifices.

He says that it has been a good run and that it is time for retirement. Hausermann is looking forward to his life slowing down a bit, but will miss the adrenaline rush.

On top of that he says that by far he will miss the people that he works with and that he is proud to say that he works with them.

"There is a certin level of comradery and dependence that grows as a result of knowing that you have each other's backs," said Hausermann.

The strong bond goes beyond just simply putting on a uniform each day.

"One word to describe Dale would be dedication, he makes the extra efforts that are necessary," said Lieutenant Ken Plaga. "He takes time with his community."

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township Police Officer, Dale Hausermann, retires on August 15.

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