Lansing EDC & LEAP Partnership

Lansing EDC & LEAP Partnership

UPDATE: LANSING - "The economic strength of Lansing is the core and economic strength of the region. So whatever we can do to shore up that economic development and strength benefits the entire region. For example if we open up a manufacturing plant that hired four hundred workers, because of a relationship between Lansing and LEAP, and bringing in a new manufacturer or expanding an existing manufacturer. Then it benefits every region or government unit in the region because there's four hundred people who need housing ,who need food, who need shelter, they need to go shopping. So it benefits not only the city of Lansing, but it benefits all the other regional governments," said Jack Davis, Vice Chair of LEAP.

"Lansing has sustained itself almost better than almost any place because of the fact that Michigan State has grown and is so healthy. The leadership there has done an excellent job of faculty and students," said Davis.

According to the president and ceo of LEAP, there have been economic development agreements in many regions in Michigan. Lansing is following suit.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - The Lansing EDC and LEAP have announced a contract to combine to work on economic development. More on Meridian Magazine!

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