Posting Wages & Benefits

Posting Wages & Benefits

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Last month the house passed a bill that would require public entities to post wages and benefits for employees.

Employees and residents of Meridian Township are been able to find this information right on the Meridian Township website.

"We have provided access through our township website to labor agreements, benefits information, the cost of employees, and what the actual premiums themselves are. Just as a way to provide easy access to employees, to their families, and to the community who might call seeking that information." Says Amy Holda, Meridian Human Resources.

There is some controversy about this, saying that these measures are both time consuming and unnecessary. The Bills now go to the senate for consideration for more businesses to start doing this in the future.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - What's this about posting wages and benefits? Watch Meridian Magazine to find out more.

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