UPDATE: EAST LANSING - The goal of Walk the Walk is to encourage physical fitness amongst the student body and to teach the value of community service. Each student sets personal goals for themselves and gathered pledges in the form of a dollar a lap or any of any cash donation to support the cause, but the cause didn't stop there. Students also raised money for a local charity.

"The kids got themselves on which local charity they would like to donate some of the money to so we have a little election and they fill out ballots, and they chose Capital Area Humane Society this year." Said Michelle Sneaden, mother of a 6th grader.

Last year the students raised more than $2000 and are expected to raise just as much if not more this year, donating as much as 10% to the Capital Area Humane Society. Also, with every lap the students walked they were able to collect a ticket for the raffle they had after the walk.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - An East Lansing Elementary School walked the walk last week to raise funds for school supplies, field trips and playground equipment for Glencairn.

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