Balance Seminar

Balance Seminar

UPDATE: OKEMOS - "Here at Okemos Health and Rehabilitation Center we're really proud to offer our 22 hundred square foot therapy gym. It features our Biodex balance system, which is a truly an amazing feature of our therapy department." Said Mary Ward Petrovich, Administrator of Okemos Health and Rehabilitation Center.

It test for weight shifting and limits of stability. So basically it finds people's problem areas that they can focus on and prevent them from falling.

"This one of the top notch machines in the state of Michigan. We only have it in two places one is at the University of Michigian and one is right here in our Okemos rehab health care center. This (Biodex) is going to test his foot placement his balance. Because if a patient has a balance deficient. They're either place all their weight on one foot versus of the other side." Said Occupations Therapist, Luna Ketineni.

With this system patients are able to create treatment plans that they can do through and develop different techniques to work on retraining their balance.

"The reason that we work on this is to decrease fall risks. One of the major reasons that elderly come into the facility is because they have fallen." Said Occupational Therapist Stephanie Westfied.

Ward Petrovich couldn't be happier with perks of the Biodex. "It's been an amazing process as we have watched our patients come in and go through this training. And the outcomes are really amazing and we have had so much positive feedback from the community. We're really proud to be able to offer it."

The Rehab and Health Center to hope to have seminars with the Biodex once a month so that anyone can come into a controlled environment and test their balance.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - A local rehab center helping the community find their balance. Watch Senior Living for details.

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