Education Associations Call for Civility Towards Officials

Education Associations Call for Civility Towards Officials

LANSING - Several statewide major education organizations- including AFT Michigan, the Michigan Association of Schoolboards, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators and Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals issued a statement on October 18th calling for civility in school board rooms and classrooms.

This comes in response to increasing “breach of peace” incidents towards “behavior [that] has escalated into bullying of public school employees, parents and unpaid elected officials…” according to the statement.

The statement continued, “Threats and vitriol- often based upon false information- are creating a wholly unjustifiable disturbance to everyone’s efforts in the education community to promote a safe, quality public education for Michigan students.”

The statement from the education associations also called for the adoption of Senate Bill 689, which would increase the criminal penalties for anyone who assaults a school employee or school board member.

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