Animal Shelter Challenge

Animal Shelter Challenge

GRAND LEDGE - The Capital Area Humane Society is currently in the running for up to $2000 to help the animals.

The new year of the Animal Shelter Challenge has started and Michigan's own Capital Area Humane Society is in the lead of the entire state.

Eric Landon, the Director of Development explains what the challenge does exactly. "The animal shelter challenge is done through a third party organization who are challenging people to vote on their site and what you do is vote on your humane organization of choice and we are posting this on our website and on Facebook and we have many dedicated followers who are kindly going on a daily basis for some people and are voting for us."

Currently the Humane Society is up for the Dark Horse Grant which can be up to $2000. That's a lot of kibble.

"This money is probably going to general funding which is going to support the programs and services directed towards the animals here at the shelter. Feeding them, helping with medical care, buying those supplies for them, the staff that cares for them and the programs that support them here." Says Landon.

The Animal Rescue Site sells items that are animal related and with every purchase a portion of the money goes to help animals in need. Four times a year they hold a contest where anyone can log on and vote once a day over the course of a few months.

"If it wasn't for our community supporting us we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have been here for over 75 years. Thanks to everyone out there who's voting, we're very appreciative, the animals can't say it themselves but they're the ones who really appreciate your support."

Additional Resources
If you want to help vote you can go to the Humane Society's Facebook page where a daily reminder is posted, or you can go to

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