Meridian Cares Receives $1,583 From The First Meridian Motor Fest

Meridian Cares Receives $1,583 From The First Meridian Motor Fest

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - High Caliber Karting and Entertainment hosted the first Meridian Motor Fest on Sept. 4 and all of the proceeds went to Meridian Cares.

At the Meridian Township Board meeting on Sept. 21, Jordan Munsters, the president of High Caliber, presented a check for $1,583 to the township to be used for Meridian Cares.

Meridian Cares is a fund through the township that helps households struggling for basic needs like food, housing or health care.

Munsters said the first Meridian Motor Fest was a huge success with around 170 cars in the show and he is hopeful for the future of this event.

"I look forward to coming next year and we're going to keep stacking that up and we'll make this something huge," High Caliber.

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