Pathway Master Plan Update

Pathway Master Plan Update

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On August 3, with a 6-0 Board vote, a motion was carried to approve the Pathway Master Plan for Meridian Township.

The Pathway Master Plan is dedicated to creating new pathways and paved shoulders in Meridian Township.

The Master Plan consists of two parts. First, a recommended five year priority plan identified by the Department of Public Works, then a list of additional recommendations from various sources including the public.

The Master plan will construct ten new pathways around the community from 2021-2025.

2021-2024 will consist of grant funding obligations, then the goal for 2024-2025 will be to eliminate the historical gaps in the pathway network.

Funding for the program is provided by a dedicated pathway millage approved by voters since 2016. This millage supplies around $600,000 annually to maintain grant funding, and construct new pathways throughout the community.

The Meridian Township Pathway system has existed since 1974 and encompasses over 70 miles of pathway and 36 miles of paved shoulder.

“With the recent adoption of the 2021 Pathway Master Plan update by the Township Board, over 40 miles of paved pathway will eventually be added to the existing 70 miles that currently exists,” Director of Public Works Derek Perry said, “the strongly supported pathway network exists to provide safe and enjoyable walkable and bikeable connections between our neighborhoods, schools and parks.”

Perry aspires to review the master plan every five years to continue reflecting the needs of the community.

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