Cheezy D’s Awarded 2020 New Business of the Year

Cheezy D’s Awarded 2020 New Business of the Year

HASLETT, MI - In May, the 2020 New Business of the Year recognition for Meridian Township was awarded to Cheezy D’s Deli and Dogs.

Cheezy D’s owner, Denny Emmer, stood out to the community because of a vow posted on Facebook that the establishment would provide food, drinks, and clothing to anyone in need. This post followed a break-in that occurred on September 30 after hours.

Emmer expressed that at first he was very mad about the break-in. However, when police asked if he wanted to press charges, Emmer did not want to. He notes that there was no vandalization, which led him to believe it was someone who just needed money.

“Last September was a tough time, and it wasn’t a violent crime or a hate crime, it was a crime out of desperation,” said Emmer. “It just wasn’t enough for me to be angry.”

Instead, this inspired Emmer to reach out to community members for donations. With the help from people in and out of the community, including someone from Australia, Emmer has been available to provide about 150 meals to people in need.

All donations given to Cheezy D’s are put onto a gift card. Anyone who is in need of something just tell a staff member they are VIP when they order and there will be no questions asked. According to Emmer the establishment has used about $1,100 on meals up to this point.

Emmer says they are able to continue providing these meals because of generous donations from the Meridian Township community and beyond. Cheezy D’s will continue excepting donations from anyone who is able to contribute.

Watch our full interview with Emmer below.

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