Flood Insurance Stops Rain From Breaking The Bank

Flood Insurance Stops Rain From Breaking The Bank

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Severe weather is not as common as rain showers in Meridian Township, but flooding can cause significant damage at high costs to residents if they aren’t prepared.

“Anyone in a community that participates in the national flood insurance program is eligible to buy flood insurance,” said floodplain engineer, Matthew Occhipinti. “If their property shows up in a mapped 100-year floodplain typically their lender is going to require them to purchase flood insurance.”

Most of Meridian Township is located on a floodplain, which makes the area more vulnerable to flooding during the rainy season. However, areas outside of mapped floodplains can also be vulnerable to flooding,

“There are flood losses that occur outside of those mapped floodplains, flood waters are not just going to stop at a line on a map,” said Occhipinti.

Flood Insurance covers things such as the structure and finishes inside of a building. Some examples including carpet and dry wall damage coverage.

“There are exclusions in the basement, so people should read the small print on their insurance policy,” said Occhipinti. “You can purchase contents coverage in addition to the basic policy that covers the structure but that’s an add on that someone would have to add to their policy.”

People can view the national floodplain map at msc.fema.gov, to see if their house is located on or nearby a floodplain. Watch the full story below.

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