Election Safety Discussion with Lt. Rick Grillo

Election Safety Discussion with Lt. Rick Grillo

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd, and with the high stakes of the election, some people may be worried about Election Day safety. Meridian Township Police Lieutenant Rick Grillo spoke with HOMTV about what the Township is doing to prepare for Election Day.

“We’re going to have extra officers on patrol that day, so you may see more cars out than you normally would. However, we’re not going to have anyone assigned to any of the polling stations.”

Though there will be no officers stationed at any of the voting precincts in Meridian Township, Lt. Grillo said that all the officers have been given training on election laws so that they will be able to respond accordingly should an issue arise.

Another area of safety that people may be concerned about is what may happen after election results are announced. Meridian Township has teamed up with other agencies in the area to discuss possible situations that may stem from the election.

“Are we worried? No. Are we prepared? Yes. We always trust that the people of Meridian Township will act appropriately and accordingly. So we don’t anticipate any issues arising, however, we continually plan, we continually train. Not just with our agency, but with outside agencies so that we know how to respond if there is any type of unrest.”

Lt. Grillo also went on to state the importance of voting safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. He encouraged people to socially distance when at the polls, to wear proper personal protective equipment, and to follow CDC and Ingham County Health Department guidelines. Grillo also advised residents to dress accordingly. Due to increased voter turnout and social distancing guidelines, wait times may be longer and people may have to stand outside.

You can watch the full interview with Lt. Grillo below, and make sure to visit www.meridian.mi.us for any election information.

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