Nemoka Drain Project Breaks Ground

Nemoka Drain Project Breaks Ground

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The first phase of the Nemoka Drain Project on Colby, Edson and Potter Streets begins today. It is expected to take about three or four weeks to complete as long as the weather and any other factors permits.

The project was the result of a petition in 2009. The citizens in the area wanted to improve the existing Nemoka Drain due to flooding in the area. The was a Board of Determination hearing that granted an order of necessity. The drain commissioner then analyzed the problem and created some design solutions. The bid for the project was released this year.

The work involves the asphalt along Edson and Potter Streets being pulverized prior to trench excavation. Then new storm pipes and structures will be installed underneath the road in the road right of way. They will install about 4 regional detention basis as well.

Ingham County Project Coordinator, Dave Solberg, spoke about another installation that will be done in order to help prevent flooding as well as help the water itself.

“There will be infiltration swales too that’ll be installed along the edges of those right of ways. That’ll also collect and clean water and let it out slowly,” he said. “We have an outlet known as Pine Lake Outlet Drain which has limited capacity to where we outlet to. So, we have to have the tension, both in ponds and some of the infiltration swales, slow the water down so we don’t cause any flooding down the stream.”

During the construction, only emergency vehicles and local traffic will be allowed to pass through the area as necessary. During the workday, driveways to properties may become inaccessible. However, a temporary gravel drive will be provided until the drives are fully restored.

Pipe trenches across the road will be backfilled with the proper materials. They will be temporarily topped with recycled asphalt material or a gravel cap. These temporary surfaces will be maintained by the contractor, Jackson Dirt Works, until the roads are ready for final paving.

The Resident Project Representative from LSG Engineers & Surveyors, Greg Lamkin, talked about just how long this project has been in the works.

“It’s been a heck of a project,” he said. “The earliest set of notes from a drive around the drain commissioner did with our director of engineering here date back to 2007. So, it’s been a long time coming to fruition. So, we’re really excited to finally cue this thing, break ground, and getting some brand new, good looking pipe in the ground.”

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