Meridian Township Projects Included in Tri-County Transportation Program

Meridian Township Projects Included in Tri-County Transportation Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission is a public planning agency that was established in 1956, which serving Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties in Mid-Michigan.

They make our region a more prosperous community by planning for a strong economy, reliable transportation, sustainable infrastructure and natural resources.

Recently, they has announced the adoption of the region's Transportation Improvement Program which includes totaling more than $680 million of transportation system investment throughout those regions.

The deputy director of Tri-County Regional Planning Commission, Nicole S. Baumer said that "This past summer we adopted a transportation improvement program for the region, which is essentially a four-year capital improvements projects program, so that we look at all the transportation for the next four years that's going to improve our infrastructure and different facilities throughout the region."

The TIP which stand for transportation improvement program is the region's short-range capital improvements program for road, bicycle, pedestrian pathways, transit and other transportation projects.

These was formally adopted by Tri-County's Board of Commissioners in late June and will begin implementation with the new fiscal year starting on October 1st.

"We work on a day to day basis, directly with local communities pally jurisdiction like Meridian Township, to make sure the local community such as Haslett, Okemos and Meridian pacifically for the township, get the funding that they need to implement transportation project."

Most notably for most recently transportation improvement project that's covers years of 2020 through 2023 as an investment of over $12 million into the Meridian Township Transportation infrastructure and systems.

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