Drive-Thru Chipotle May Be Coming To Meridian Township

Drive-Thru Chipotle May Be Coming To Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the June 10th Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, the Commission discussed the possibility of developing a 9,316-square-foot shopping center with a special feature to save customers’ time.

This complex, located at 2085 Grand River Avenue, would include a drive-thru Chipotle.

Design Manager Jen Saum said that customers will be able to order and pay for their order online or on an app.

“You get a time window that you're supposed to arrive at a restaurant and from there, you show up at a restaurant during your time window,” said Saum.

She said that Chipotle only has 13 of these in the country, but they are expanding rapidly

The Commission voiced their concerns, but ultimately all voted to approve this proposal.

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