Staying Safe During Prom Season

Staying Safe During Prom Season

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With prom coming up for many high school students, it is important to remember how to stay safe on the big night.

For parents, it can be a stressful night, and making sure that their child is safe is typically their top priority.

Officer Bryan LeRoy of the Meridian Township Police Department says that one of the main concerns is getting to and from the prom safely.

With prom, unfortunately, comes the possibility of alcohol use by teenagers. Officer LeRoy wants them to know that the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol are substantial.

"Teens are four times more likely to crash than older, more experienced adults when it comes to driving," he said. "When you add in alcohol, and maybe other distractions in the car, the percentage is going to go up."

Something else that parents should be aware of is if their teen is going to an after-party. Officer LeRoy said that while after-parties aren't always a bad thing, it is important to have supervision by a responsible adult.

If they are going to a party afterwards, it is important to note that they should avoid any drinks that have already been open or has been away from view.

Other tips include knowing exactly who your teen is going with and who they will be with throughout the night.

While it is going to be a fun and memorable night for students, safety should be everyone's first concern.


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