Ingham County Road Construction Projects This Summer

Ingham County Road Construction Projects This Summer

INGHAM COUNTY - Summer road construction season is quickly approaching.

Managing Director of Ingham County Road Department Bill Conklin said a gas tax increase that was passed in 2017 will be used toward continued maintenance of the roads across the County.

Conklin said parts of Lake Lansing Road will be resurfaced, specifically the area between Hagadorn Road and Saginaw Highway. Okemos Road will also be resurfaced from the Grand Truck Railroad Tracks to Lake Lansing. Work that was started last year will also continue on Hamilton Road and will be finished. In regards to Haslett Road, a surface seal will be completed.

Although funds have come from gas taxes, Conklin said more funds could be used.

"Certainly we need more road funding," Conklin said. "The 2015 [tax] was a start, it helped us start to catch up and maintain our conditions to where they are now."

Conklin said Governor Whitmer and Michigan legislatures have been discussing gas taxes and whatever comes out of that process will be welcomed by the Ingham County Road Department.

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