Multiple District Areas Removed from the Medical Marijuana Zoning Amendment

Multiple District Areas Removed from the Medical Marijuana Zoning Amendment

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the March 25 Planning Commission meeting, Commissioners voted to remove District 2 and 6 from the Medical Marihuana Facilities Overlay District Zoning Amendment.

The Planning Commission has met many times to have a discussion on the topic. The focus of this meeting was to provide recommendations to the Township Board about the location of the six zoning districts.

The Commission discussed and voted on the districts individually. It was agreed that area 1 is to stay as is, but the Board was split during discussion of District 2. Planning Commission Chair, John Scott-Craig thinks the Township should start small.

"It's all about trying to say lets not open this up so big so quickly. If we have six overlay districts areas then we are going to have opportunities for six provisioning centers," Scott-Craig said.

Commissioner Alisande Shrewsbury said limiting the spot at this time does not make sense.

"I have driven around and looked at these sites. That one [district 2] although it's small and looks isolated when you look at the map overall it seems like an appropriate place for a provisioning center. It's in a strip mall," Shrewsbury said.

The Commission ended with a 4-2 vote in favor of the removal of District 2. District 4 and 5 were voted to stay as is. District 3 had a tie vote on the removal of the commercial area. With a tie the district stays as is and will include the commercial area.

District 6 was eliminated with a 4-2 vote in favor of removing the area. This was to help limit the number of districts available.

A draft ordinance and resolution to recommend approval with considerations will be brought to the April 8 Planning Commission meeting. It will next go to the Township Board.

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