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2020 Township Valuation Reports Show Significant Debt Payments Are Paying Off

The Township Board heard the 2020 valuation reports for the MERS Health care and Township Pension fu...[More]

March 24 Is Equal Pay Day This Year, Reminding People of the Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay Day — timed to represent how far into the year women must work to equal what men earned th...[More]

Township Board Discusses How Residents Will Pay Back for New Sewer Installations

For years neighborhoods in Meridian Township surrounding Kansas Road and Sleepy Hollow used septic t...[More]

HOMTV Pays Tribute to Beloved Host Jo Anne Paul in Loving Memory

The Lansing region lost one of its most revered journalists on Thursday, December 3rd when Jo Anne P...[More]

Sidewalk Gap Repair

The Meridian Township Public Works & Engineering Department has been working on a new project. While...[More]

Holiday Cooking Safety Means Paying Close Attention

With friends and family in and out of the house, cooking may slip your mind this holiday season, but...[More]

Member Of Community May Have To Come Out Of Pocket To Pay For Drain Improvements

The Walden Pond development has come forward and requested work be done to Daniels drain. It runs al...[More]

Temporary Tax Payment Proves Positive for Tax Payers

Meridian Township Treasurer Julie Brixie is the driving force behind her team's idea for the tempora...[More]

Gaps In The Haslett Road Pathway To Be Filled

If you are a frequent user of the pathway along Haslett Road between Okemos Road and Bayonne Avenue,...[More]

Options to Pay Your Tax Bills

Got your tax bill and not sure where to pay it? You have options to pay your bill: online, in pe...[More]

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