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Wetland Banking

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Environmental Commission Hears Presentation on Wetland Banking

At the Environmental Commission Meeting on August 1, 2018, a representative of the Department of Nat...[More]

Concerned Residents Voice Opinions on Rezoning Over Wetlands

On Monday, February 12th the Planning Commission met for their first meeting of the month. Some main...[More]

Towner Road Park is in Pending for a Wetland Use Permit

Seeing a lack of athletic fields and open space to play in northern part of Meridian Township a new ...[More]

Towner Park Road Meets Wetland Criteria

At the May 17 Township Board meeting, the Board determined that Towner Park Road met 5 out of the 10...[More]

Chvala's Wetland Use Permit Granted

During the November 9th Panning Commission meeting, the Chvala Wetland Use Permit came before the Co...[More]

Environmental Commission Approves Wetland Use Permit

The Meridian Township Environmental Commission discussed a Wetland Use Permit in their short meeting...[More]

Beware of Wetlands Before You Build

Summer is a popular time to renovate your basement or kitchen, but before you visit the hardware sto...[More]

Environmental Commission Reviews Wetland Use Permit for New Daycare

On March 28th, the Environmental Commission of Meridian Township visited the site of a potential day...[More]

Potential Changes Soaking Wetlands

Michigan has had the luxury of regulating their wetland areas through the state. Now, some friction...[More]

Ember Oaks Wetland Use Permit

Find out what subdivision is having issues with erosion. Next on Meridian Magazine. ...[More]

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