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The 2017 Sidewalk Replacement Program

Meridian Township has been working to find a way to reduce sidewalk hazards since 1999. The sidewalk...[More]

Order to Maintain Sidewalks

The 2015 Order to Maintain Sidewalks was approved by the Township Board. There were notices sen...[More]

Lack of Sidewalk on Lake Lansing Causes Disagreement at Joint Township Board Meeting

A recent joint meeting between the Meridian Township Board and local governments and school district...[More]

Residential Sidewalks Maintained by the Township

Since 1999, Meridian Township has had a sidewalk repair program. "That means basically repairing...[More]

Sidewalk Gap Repair

The Meridian Township Public Works & Engineering Department has been working on a new project. While...[More]

Keeping Meridian Township Sidewalks and Paths Clear

If you have a sidewalk or pathway along your property in Meridian Township, please remember to mow y...[More]

Sidewalk Renovations on Grand River Avenue May Take Longer than Expected

If you have been biking or walking down sidewalks on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township, you ma...[More]

Meridian to Receive Road and Sidewalk Improvements

Every year, the Meridian Township official identify where road and sidewalk work needs to be done. T...[More]

Road and Sidewalk Upgrades in Store for Meridian Township

Attention Michganders: orange barrel season has arrived. There are a number of projects planned...[More]

Some Sidewalks are Getting Repaired around Meridian Township This Year

The 2015 Order to Maintain Sidewalks is in action in Meridian Township, and a neighborhood located b...[More]

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