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East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority Water Treatment Plant Feature

The East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority water treatment plant may be guarded by a gate, ...[More]

Meridian Township Gives an Inside Look at the Sewer System

Meridian Township's sewer system is a complex system made up of two different parts: the storm drain...[More]

Township Board Discusses How Residents Will Pay Back for New Sewer Installations

For years neighborhoods in Meridian Township surrounding Kansas Road and Sleepy Hollow used septic t...[More]

Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Petition for Water and Sanitary Sewer

After Meridian Township received two valid petitions, a new business item was brought forward to the...[More]

Meridian Township Board Supported the Construction of Sanitary Sewer along Kansas Road and Discussed the Financial Aspects of this Project

The Meridian Township Department of Public Works & Engineering had received a valid petition to cons...[More]

Know The Difference Between Sanitary Sewers and Storm Sewers

Round, and round, and round it goes-- where it stops, YOU need to know. Believe it or not all dr...[More]

Water and Sewer Board Meet to Discuss Last Year

The East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority recently held their annual business meeting at t...[More]

SAW Grant Brings Improvements to Meridian Township Sewer Systems

After applying for the SAW grant two years ago, Meridian Township was granted more than $2 million d...[More]

The Sewer Plan for Meridian Township Passed with a 6 to 0 Vote

The Meridian Township Board unanimously vote during their June 17 meeting for a plan that will prope...[More]

Sewer System Is More Than Just Flushing The Toilet

The study on the State Revolving Fund Draft Project mentioned at the last township board meeting is ...[More]

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