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Capital Are District Libraries to offer computer sessions starting October 5

Capital Area District Libraries (CADL) will open back up on Monday, October 5th. Members will be wel...[More]

MSU Museum Speaker Series Session Two: Consent

The MSU Museum continued their journey in bringing awareness to the campus through the second sessio...[More]

MSU Museum Hosts Speaker Sessions on Sexual Assault

January 15th marks the anniversary date in which more then 1,000 women found their voices and spoke ...[More]

Possession of Switchblades No Longer A Misdemeanor

Last Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill to eliminate misdemeanors for selling or possessin...[More]

Residents Share Concerns about CATA's Bus Rapid Transit Project at Community Sessions

CATA's community information session at the Meridian Township Municipal Building was supposed to run...[More]

CATA Bus Rapid Transit Community Work Session

On Tuesday, August 16 CATA will be hosting two community work sessions to receive comments and addre...[More]

Officials Discuss Future Land Use Classification and Map at Master Plan Work Session

The Planning Commission held their recent Master Plan Work Session with McKenna Associates Community...[More]

Planning Commission Held Work Session to Discuss Master Plan

The Planning Commission held a work session to help residents understand upcoming projects. The ...[More]

Road Funding to be Discussed During Lame Duck Session

Michigan lawmakers are currently involved in a lame duck session in Lansing, Michigan. Bills introdu...[More]

Students Hear Appeal of People v. Carp in Mock Supreme Court Session

Students are taking their studies of the judicial system out of the classroom and into the Hall of J...[More]

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