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Township Board Approves Increase Farmers' Market Funding

Prior to the September 18th Township Board meeting, Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh informed t...[More]

Funding Awarded To Construct Trail From MSU To Lake Lansing

On Tuesday March 28th, the Ingham County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution awarding over $2...[More]

Michigan See's Road Funding Increases for 2017

A $1.2 billion road package was signed by Governor Rick Snyder last year. The first $600 million of ...[More]

Meridian Township Will Continue to Not Have Any Funding Obligations for Improvements to Park Lake Road

Last week, East Lansing City Council approved the Costco development Brownfield plan at 1.5 million ...[More]

Resolution Passes For Funding To Improve Bridges

The Ingham County Park Commission met Monday June 27th at Lake Lansing Park South. The Commission ap...[More]

Infrastructure Funding Bill Passes Through Senate

A new bill passed through the Senate creating a separate infrastructure fund within the Department o...[More]

New Road Funding Option For Township

New state legislation was recently passed that gives local governments another avenue for getting fu...[More]

First Responders Presumed Coverage Fund In Need of Funding

Legislation introduced by Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. (D - 23rd District), to direct state money to he...[More]

Gov. Rick Snyder Signs State Road Funding Proposal

On November 10th Governor Rick Snyder signed a roll bill to increase taxes in 2017 which means tax h...[More]

Governor Snyder's 2016 Budget Increases Road Funding

Last Wednesday, Governor Snyder signed a $54.5 billion budget that includes no long term funding for...[More]

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