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Zoning Board Approves Variances for Delta Dental of Michigan

The Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals approved several variances for Delta Dental of Michiga...[More]

Planning Commission Discusses Delta Dental Deck Construction

The Meridian Township Planning Commission met on May 13 to discuss a Special Use Permit request for ...[More]

February Is Children's Dental Health Month

A common misconception about caring for teeth, said Dr. Scott Dexter, D.D.S of the Michigan Dental A...[More]

Delta Fire Department Conducts Fire Demonstrations at LCC West Campus

The Delta Township Fire Department visited Lansing Community College's West Campus to give a fire de...[More]

Delta Dental Advocates Access to Improved Dental Care

Delta Dental hosted their annual celebration, Share a smile Day on June 26th. The event was hoste...[More]

Health Plan Expansion Covers Dental

The Ingham County Health Services Millage passed in the November election leading to an expansion fo...[More]

Delta Dental Parking Lot has Controlled Burn

On Saturday April 18th, the Meridian Township Fire Department was on stand by for a controlled fire ...[More]

Mobile Dental Center Set To Hit The Streets

A five hundred thousand dollar grant has allowed for the Ingham County Health Center's dental practi...[More]

Old Barn on Hagadorn Road Being Converted to Dental Office

It's not unusual to see doctors take over old houses and convert them into their offices, but a Lans...[More]

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