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Meridian Township Fire Chief Presents CPR Life Saver Presentation

Meridian Township Fire Chief Mike Hamel gave a presentation about CPR Life Saver to the Township Boa...[More]

Michigan Students to Learn CPR

Beginning next school year, students in Michigan schools will need to learn CPR Prior to graduating....[More]

CPR Campaign Launched in All Michigan Schools

The American Heart Association (AHA), Senator Tonya Schuitmaker (R) and Representative Thomas Hooker...[More]

Hands Only CPR

Believe it or not even if you haven't been properly trained in the art of CPR you can still play an ...[More]

A Different Method - Hands Only CPR

When someone falls victim to a cardiac arrest, bystanders don't know what to do. They are led to bel...[More]

New CPR Standards

The American Heart Association announced new standards for administering CPR. American Heart dete...[More]

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