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Hundreds March In Lansing For Abortion Justice

On Oct. 4, the United States Supreme Court will reconvene and hear a case that has the potential to ...[More]

Gov. Whitmer Signs 'Clean Slate' Criminal Justice Reform Bills

On Monday, October 12th, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed bipartisan "Clean Slate" House Bills 4980-...[More]

Ingham County Proposes Justice Millage to Voters

The Ingham County Sheriff Office proposes to levy a Justice Millage on the Primary Ballot for the re...[More]

Live Call-In Show: Ingham County Justice Millage Question

Join us LIVE for a new episode of Open Line regarding the Ingham County Justice Millage Question tha...[More]

Juvenile Justice Millage Set to be Renewed

The Juvenile Justice Millage was originally approved by voters in 2002, and was formally renewed in ...[More]

Abortion Insurance Bill Passes Into Law Even Without Governor Rick Snyder's Approval

Abortion Insurance, also known as "Rape Insurance" which has been nicknamed from opposers of this bi...[More]

"Abortion Bill" Passed

Governor Synder passed House Bill 5711.The bill passed 27-10 and is being called the most restrictiv...[More]

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