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Central Park Improvements Still in Planning Process

Central Park is a diverse area offering residents recreation opportunities. At the September 8th ...[More]

Member Of Community May Have To Come Out Of Pocket To Pay For Drain Improvements

The Walden Pond development has come forward and requested work be done to Daniels drain. It runs al...[More]

Wonch Park Improvements Celebrated with Ribbon Cutting Event

Improvements to Wonch Park in Meridian Township was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Sep...[More]

Parking Lot Improvements Being Made at Meridian Township Municipal Complex and Service Center

Potholes and other parking lot issues will soon be smoothed over at the Meridian Township Municipal ...[More]

Local Drainage Pond In Need of Improvements

At the July 21st Township Board meeting, representatives of The Ponds Cooperative Homes, Inc. expres...[More]

Kinawa Drive Improvements to Begin This Week

If Kinawa Drive is part of your daily commute, you may see some changes starting to take place this ...[More]

New Street Signs for Meridian's Only Heritage Neighborhood

Cedar Bend Heights recently received new signs for their designated Heritage Neighborhood and were i...[More]

Meridian Township to See Major Park Improvements

Residents will soon see major improvements to their favorite local parks. A total of 14 projects wer...[More]

SAW Grant Brings Improvements to Meridian Township Sewer Systems

After applying for the SAW grant two years ago, Meridian Township was granted more than $2 million d...[More]

Capital Improvement Projects-What's To Come?

Capital improvement projects are currently underway this summer featuring major improvements in the ...[More]

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