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Meridian's Township Board Searches for Legal Services

The Meridian Township Board is looking for new legal services, and the application process for 2015 ...[More]

Meridian Township and the City of Williamston Continue Recreation Services Agreement for 2 More Years

Meridian Township will sign a renewal contract with the City of Williamston to continue providing re...[More]

Upcoming Pharmacy Service Changes Will Decrease Cost, Increase Efficiency

The Michigan Department of Community Health has announced pharmacy service changes for the upcoming ...[More]

Shared Fire Services Is Approved to Share Another Service

Meridian Township, Lansing Township, Delhi Township, Delta Township, East Lansing and the City of La...[More]

Ginny Haas Recognized For Her Services

There was a special recognition at the October 21st Township Board meeting to commemorate Ginny Haas...[More]

Police Continue to Share Services With Neighboring Township

On Tuesday October 21st, the Meridian Township Board discussed renewing the shared police services ...[More]

County Health Services Millage Up for Renewal

Ingham County's Health Service Millage is up for renewal on the November 4th ballot. The Millage...[More]

Spartans Give Back to Community on Global Day of Service

April 12th was the Global Day of Service. Michigan State University students joined other volunteers...[More]

Police Department Honors Those for Outstanding Service

On Wednesday, March 19th, the Meridian Township Police Department held their annual award ceremony. ...[More]

Service Center to host Temporary Fire Station

Meridian Township is placing a temporary fire station in the Service Center building on Gaylord Smit...[More]

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