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Environmental Commission Reviews Wetland Use Permit for New Daycare

On March 28th, the Environmental Commission of Meridian Township visited the site of a potential day...[More]

The Harris Nature Center Hosts Annual Winter Wonderland Event

Cars lined up to attend the annual Winter Wonderland Festival and Silent Auction Saturday, Jan. 31, ...[More]

Winter Wonderland Coming to the Harris Nature Center

The annual Winter Wonderland Festival will be at the Harris Nature Center on Saturday, January 31st....[More]

Amendment Passed to Allow More than One Residence on Qualified Land

A Zoning Amendment allowing more than one residence on a rural residential zone site 50 acres or mor...[More]

Planting for the Future: Murphy Elementary and Davis/Foster Land Preserve

Children of Haslett were able to step outside and learn about nature first hand as more than one-hun...[More]

Hawk Island Snow Park Offers Venue for Winter Sports

The Hawk Island Snow Park in Lansing is providing a venue for winter sports from December to April. ...[More]

Non-Motorized Use in Land Preserves

Many Residents have recently been contacting the Township Board in regards to the Red Cedar Glen Lan...[More]

Foster-Davis Land Preserve Demolition

Demolition began on the Foster-Davis Land Preserve on November 20. There are four structures on the ...[More]

Bikes Allowed in Land Preserve for 1 Year Trial

The Land Preservation Advisory Board decided November 14th to allow a one year bike trial in the Red...[More]

Red Cedar Glen Land Preservation Project is Completed

For the past 2-3 years, the restoration of the Red Cedar Glen Land Preserve has been focusing on the...[More]

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