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Handicapped Parking Rules: Don't Park In a Handicap Space Unless You Are Authorized

Uh-oh, John parked illegally, what if someone needs that handicap space?! Parking illegally in a han...[More]

Food Basket Donations Needed

Want to make a difference in your community this holiday season, but not sure how? You can help b...[More]

Meridian Township Fire Department Extends Emergency Services to Properties in Alaiedon Township

Meridian Township and Delhi Township announced they would provide emergency fire services to Alaiedo...[More]

Meridian and Alaiedon Fire and Rescue Agreement

Meridian may help out a surrounding township with fire and rescue services...[More]

Food Basket Donations

Meridian Township prepares to feed some of the community's most needy families for the holiday seaso...[More]

Pardon our Upgrade...

As we upgrade our online programming system to expand our services to Android, Iphone, and tablet de...[More]

Blood Donations

One person only gives 1 pint when donating blood, but one car collision victim can require up to 100...[More]

Summer Recreation Donations

One Meridian Township recreation center is providing free summer activities for kids, and get this, ...[More]

Communications Department Donates Production Equipment

After the completion of the renovations to HOMTV’s studio facility and transitioning to a high-defi...[More]

HOMTV Donates Equipment

HOMTV and Meridian Township donate control room equipment to Williamston High School's Video Product...[More]

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