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Haslett Beautification Association Spring Development

The Haslett Beautification Association headed by President Teri Banas, has already started planting ...[More]

New Businesses Boost Meridian's Economic Development

This spring, Meridian Township will be experiencing the blooming of new businesses. "They're tak...[More]

Costco Development Getting Closer to Breaking Ground

The new Costco expected to be built at the former Four Winds Golf Course at the corner of Park Lake ...[More]

Permits Approved for Stockwell Development

The Planning Commission approved two permits for Stockwell Development at their January 23rd meeting...[More]

New Developments Have Been Added to Haslett High School's Performing Arts Center

Haslett High School has something to really show off-their newly renovated Performing Arts Center....[More]

Costco Development Continues to be Discussed among East Lansing Boards

Cutting costs and buying in bulk, are two standards of the supermarket chain, Costco. And Meridian T...[More]

Discussion on New Development and the 2017 Budget at Recent Township Board Meeting

The Township Board held a meeting on September 6 where they discussed the 2017 budget and the brownf...[More]

Costco Development Discussed at East Lansing Planning Commission Meeting

On July 27 the Costco Development was discussed at East Lansing's Planning Commission meeting. T...[More]

Township Board Approves Change in Agreement with East Lansing for Costco Development

The Meridian Township Board approved changes to the existing agreement with the City of East Lansing...[More]

Costco Development Moves One Step Forward

“After several meetings we have reached an agreement with the City of East Lansing regarding the Cos...[More]

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