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Family Winter Sports Weekend

Pull on those long johns and get ready for the annual Family Winter Sports Weekend January 24th-26th...[More]

Referee Harassment in Sports

Referee's may have the toughest job in sports. They are rarely praised and often criticized, but ca...[More]

Get Outside During These Winter Months for Family Winter Sports Weekend

Get outside with family and friends this season for Meridian Township's Family Winter Sports Weekend...[More]

Reporting Unwanted Behavior is Biggest Factor for Curbing Bullying in Sports

Football is a tough sport for tough individuals, but sometimes that toughness can be broken down ove...[More]

Spark Your Child's Interest in Sports With Sporties for Shorties

Meridian Township's Sporties for Shorties is a popular four-week program designed to improve coordin...[More]

Current Sports with Al Martin

WKAR East Lansing has been a staple in sports for Lansing area residents for many years with the we...[More]

Participate and Support Township Sports

Meridian Township's Parks and Recreation Department has a variety of sports leagues available for re...[More]

Meridian Township Adult Summer Sports League

If you're looking for something fun to do this summer check out the Meridian Township Adult Sports L...[More]

HOMTV's All Access Sports

Love Sports? Watch HOMTV to see the new All Access Sports promo....[More]

Register for Township Sports

Register your self or your child for Meridian Township Sports!...[More]

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