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Meridian Township Seeks Support for Solar Garden

Meridian Township and Consumer's Energy are hoping to collaborate on a new Solar Garden, which is t...[More]

Meridian Township Is One Of Consumers Energy's Top Choices For Solar Garden Installation

Consumers energy is launching a new project called “solar gardens”. There are three locations that w...[More]

Solar Parks are a Possibility for Meridian Township

Meridian Township could be making strides to go green, with the Solar Energy Committee receiving a p...[More]

Solar Home Tour Reveals the Future of Renewable Energy

On October 4th, many homeowners participated in the Lansing Area Solar Tour, which is apart of the N...[More]

Harris Nature Center Solar Panels

The Harris Nature Center has made improvements to save energy and demonstrate "green" energy options...[More]

Solar Homes

Solar systems are an new innovative way to produce your home's electricity. ...[More]

Harris Nature Center Solar Panels

Harris Nature Center adds solar panels to their roof to save energy....[More]

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