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Volunteers Create Eco-Friendly Rain Garden at Burcham and Park Lake Roundabout

It's easy to under appreciate the way our ecosystem naturally drains and filters water. The concrete...[More]

Memorial Services Honor Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day in Meridian Township

Veterans and residents paid their respects on Memorial Day at Ralya Elementary School in Haslett as ...[More]

Controlled burns performed throughout the the Towar Gardens

Each Spring areas of old dead thatch are restored throughout Meridian Township in a very interesting...[More]

Meridian Township Seeks Support for Solar Garden

Meridian Township and Consumer's Energy are hoping to collaborate on a new Solar Garden, which is t...[More]

Growing Communities Through The Garden Project

The Grater Lansing Food Bank was first founded around 1981. Shortly after they got started, they rea...[More]

Adam Nevells Memorial Fund: Six Years Later

On the night of Sept. 5, 2009, Adam Nevells had 300 friends over to his house. Except it wasn't a...[More]

Greater Lansing Food Bank Hosts Community Garden Tour to Help Those In Need

The Greater Lansing Food Bank teamed up with local community gardens to help those that are hungry. ...[More]

Meridian Township Is One Of Consumers Energy's Top Choices For Solar Garden Installation

Consumers energy is launching a new project called “solar gardens”. There are three locations that w...[More]

Volunteers Tidy Up Local Parks, Build Garden to Attract Butterflies

Meridian Township residents and organizations came together to tidy up the local parks. As a part...[More]

Tower Gardens Lift Station Receives Updates

The Tower Gardens Lift Station is getting a much needed update, according to Meridian Township's Chi...[More]

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