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Marihuana Ordinance

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New Township Ordinance for Door-to-Door Sales

Meridian Township has updated their vendor ordinance with new guidelines for vendors. Among these...[More]

Township Board Adopts Changes to Vendor Ordinance

The Township Board approved amendments to the Meridian Township Vendor Ordinance on Tuesday, May 19t...[More]

Township Looks to Amend Vendor Ordinance

Multiple residents across Meridian Township have voiced their concern about vendors coming to their ...[More]

It is Important to Keep BBQ Pit Rules and Ordinances In Mind This Summer

Now that summer is nearly here it is important to remember the rules and ordinances regarding BBQ...[More]

Township Vendor Ordinance May Face Small Changes

At the April 7th Township Board meeting, the Board addressed concerns regarding the Township's vendo...[More]

What Can I Burn? Burning Ordinance Discussion with Meridian Township Fire Inspector Tavis Millerov

October is Fire Prevention Month, and, in light of that, we interviewed Meridian Township Fire Inspe...[More]

Leaf Burning Ordinance in Meridian Township

As Autumn falls upon us, it is important to remember that burning leaves in Meridian Township is not...[More]

Snow Emergency Parking Ordinance has Been Adopted but Some Concerns Remain

The final adoption of the Snow Emergency Parking Ordinance took place on June 17 during the Meridian...[More]

Cleanup Ordinance Could Save Property Owners Money

Currently, utility companies have the right to come on to your property and cut down trees that are ...[More]

Medical Marihuana Ordinance Referred Planning Commission

The Meridian Township Board voted 4-2 in favor of sending the Medical Marihuana Ordinance to the Pla...[More]

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