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Environmental Commission Reviews Wetland Use Permit for New Daycare

On March 28th, the Environmental Commission of Meridian Township visited the site of a potential day...[More]

Environmental Commission Hears Presentation for Sustainability

The Environmental Commission recently heard a presentation by Harmony Gmazel called “Wrapping Up the...[More]

Environmental Stewardship Award Nominations Due March 1st

The Meridian Township Environmental Commission is accepting nominations for the Environmental Stewar...[More]

Julie Powers Promotes Environmental Friendly Houses

On Feb. 4, the Meridian Township Environmental Commission heard a Green Themes Presentation from Jul...[More]

Evaluation of the 2004 Greenspace Plan was presented to the Environmental Commission

Township Associate Planner Rick Brown gave a presentation about Green Space planning during the late...[More]

The Environmental Commission Discusses Upcoming Efforts

The Environmental Commission met October 1st to discuss a few environmental initiatives happening in...[More]

Environmental Commission Discusses Renewable Energy Options

The Clean Energy Coalition nonprofit saw that communities needed the tools and knowledge to produce ...[More]

2014 Environmental Stewardship Awards Announced

At the April 2nd Environmental Commission meeting, several people were given awards for their enviro...[More]

Environmental Commission's Site Visit of Proposed Fire Station Location

Recently, the Meridian Township Planning Commission asked for the Environmental Commission's input o...[More]

Meridian Township Receives Gold Level Status For Environmental Leadership

This year, a total of 33 governments were recognized in the Michigan Communities Go for the Gold in ...[More]

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