Inside Okemos Athletics

Inside Okemos Athletics

Weekly sports interview program profiling Okemos High School student-athletes and coaches.

On this episode of Inside Okemos Athletics, Okemos High School Athletic Director Ira Childress sits down with Wresling Coach CJ Guess and student-athletes John Michael, Shingirai Muparuri as well as Swim Coach Parick Saucedo and student-athletes Alexander Eddy, Owen Zimmerman. Okemos Hockey student athletes Joey Civk and Logan Faustyn also joins the show.

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Ira Childress is a Finalist for National Athletic Director of the Year

Okemos High School Athletic Director, Ira Childress, is a finalist for Varsity Brands National Athletic Director of the Year Award. Childress has been at Okemos for six years, and in those six year 2/20/2019 3:37:38 PM

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