A Conversation That Could Have Saved a Lansing Catholic Teacher's Life

A Conversation That Could Have Saved a Lansing Catholic Teacher's Life

OKEMOS - Every morning is perfect for coffee but, this free cup of coffee was meant to spark a conversation.

Coebin Standley says the more you talk about suicide prevention, the more people will be willing to talk about their feelings.

"We really try to tackle suicide and suicide prevention from all angles to make an impact," Standley said.

Corbin got involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention after his brother died by suicide several years ago.

"I kind of found it to be sort of a cyclical process," Standley said. "The grief and the loss really helped motivate me to get involved."

Now he's working to help people like Okemos High School teacher Rachel Freeman- Baldwin.

"Then there's other days where you just miss him," Freeman-Baldwin said.

Rachel's husband died by suicide last May after receiving a text message about his work performance.

"When you're a perfectionist, your mind can jump to those places but had someone been called and not a text sent to him, we could have helped him,' Freeman- Baldwin said.

But as a loss survivor, she finds a way to go on.

"My kids, they're remarkable and they are so resilient and every single day they laugh, they smile," Freeman-Baldwin said.

Because of their smiles, Freeman-Baldwin often assigns unusual homework assignments.

"Part of their homework is to spend time with loved ones and I think that is so important that we don't stress our kids out and that we don't put so much on them that they need to get done that they forget what's important," Freeman-Baldwin said.

This comes on the heels of the death of a student at Okemos High School who completed suicide in December.

Standley wants us to remember the very first step of change is to talk about it.

If you know anyone that may be suicidal or suffering from the loss of someone who completed suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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