Lake Lansing SAD Renewal Public Hearing

Lake Lansing SAD Renewal Public Hearing

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board continued to discuss the renewal of the Lake Lansing Special Assessment District (SAD) on August 15th.

Since 1998, Lake Lansing has had a watershed management special assessment district to improve the water quality and to manage the lake in a proactive manner.

Lake Lansing's budget has been $80,000 in the last ten years, and hopes to increase that to $90,000 as a result of slightly increasing the fees of the Special Assessment District.

The request to the Township Board by the management advisory committee began two meetings ago and as part of that process, two public hearings are required, and last night was the first one. Through these hearings, they will take note of people for and against the special assessment.

"It's a two-pronged approach for Lake Lansing. We're trying to improve conditions within the lake itself and to protect the lake over the long term by reducing the amount of pollutants, sediments, and nutrients that get into the lake from the surrounding watersheds," said Pam Tyning, the consultant to the Lake Lansing Advisory Committee.

After the meeting, the comments from the advisory committee and the public will help give the board more direction on if the process shall be moved forward and if the committee will be renewed for the next ten years. The second public hearing will be held at the Township Board meeting on September 19th.


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